Color: Solid White
Birthdate: March 23, 2007
HCM DNA Test: Negative for My-BPC3 mutation
Breeder: Rose Spillman
Owner: Rose Spillman & Stella Gaylor
Parents Grandparents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
Wrevenik Charlie Parker; Silver classic tabby/white Wrevenik Ewansiha; Silver mackerel tabby/white SGC Sarafina O'Wa of Wrevenik; Brown classic tabby

IP Sarafina Simba;

Brown classic tabby/white

Clivia Diesel
Clivia Betty Blue

 CH Appalacer Bear Flying Flash In Blue;

Blue patch tabby

IC Santor Cool, Blue and Shady
Cozy Farm Hot Cheyenne
Caribcoons Cuillin of Wrevenik; Silver classic tabby/white

GC Little Tiger Willow of Mayne Chance;

Brown mackerel tabby

GC Willowplace Intrepd of Little Tiger
CH Gerlingcat Foxyloxy of Little Tiger

 CH Willowplace Maia;

Black smoke/white

GC Willowplace Kennebunk of Hertzmick
CH Willowplace Hollywood
Wrevenik Rainbow Joy; Silver patch tabby/white CH Salemcoon Thurman's Lucky Charms; Red classic tabby/white

GC Stormwatch Rolnthunder of Salemcoon;

Silver mackerel tabby/white

GC,RW McKittycreek Donald T of Coonsboro
GC,GP Coonsboro Typhoon of Stormwatch

 CH Salemcoon Kit Kat;

Brown patch tabby/white

CH Snickets Cracker Jack of Salemcoon
CH Countrylore Scooterpi of Salemcoon
Wrevenik Juluka; Black smoke

SGC Marala Sampson of Wrevenik, DM;

Black Smoke

CH Marala Silver Dust
CH Gemutlichkat Merrill L. of Marala

 Wrevenik Schrai;

Blue classic tabby

SGC Wrevenik Harry Casual
CH Wrevenik Star Spangled Banner
CH Coonunski Mirage of Mysti Isle; White GC, RW Witchbreeds Hoffbrau of Coonunski; White Witchcats Smoke On The Water; Black smoke

GIC Kitty-Up Geronimo;

 Silver mackerel tabby/white

GC Kitty-up Texas Ranger
CH Shubacoons Apache of Kitty-Up

 St John Katie

Brown classic tabby/white

CH Coonyham Buster Brown
CH St John Voodoo Queen

King of Lion M-Antarctica;


 IC Langstteich Michigan Jun

Brown classic tabby/white

EC Love Hulen Michigan
Capecoon Leona

Lady Amarena of Plenty Lakes;


EC Sir Charles of Plenty Lakes
CH Lady Alessia of Plenty Lakes
CH Coonunski Ella Sings The Blues; Blue patch tabby CH Hillcountry McGyver of Meownsch; Blue mackerel tabby

Cooncreek Deacon Blues;

Blue classic tabby

QGC Adventhill Arctic Cat
DGC Mainelycats Acadia of Cooncreek

 CH Ryanplace Shasta of Hillcountry;

Brown classic tabby/white

SGC McInkats Headed For The Future
SGC Ryanplace Rorschach
CH Coonunski One Hot Tamale; Red mackerel tabby/white

Stonedance Bailey of  Coonunski;

Cream mackerel tabby/white

Stonedance Leo Maineoris
Thehmc Tailsmaine of Oro Ojos

CH Idlemaine Monet' of Coonunski;

Black tortoiseshell/white

GC Daddys R U Reddy For This of Foxycats
GC Texas Belle Bria of Idlemaine


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