Color: Brown Classic Tabby & High White
Birthdate: June 21, 2007
HCM DNA Test: Negative for My-BPC3 mutation
Breeder/Owner: Stella Gaylor
Parents Grandparents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
Mysti Isle Smoke N Mirrors; Black smoke/white GC Islandcats Sand Storm; Cream-silver mackerel tabby SGC,RW Islandcats Big Time Blues; Blue

QGC Islandcats Smokin' Ice;

Black smoke

CH Islandcats Vanilla Ice
CH Willowplace Raven of Islandcats

CH Islandcats Dream Catcher;

Silver patch mctabby

SGC Talshipp Jimcatfishhunger of Acrith
QGC Islandcats White Fox
CH Islandcats Little Sister; Blue patch mctabby

CH Islandcats Steely Dan;


SGC Donnahugh General Stonewall Jackson
CH Islandcats Starlite Starbrite

 TGC Salemcoon Firebird of Islandcats;

Brown patch mctabby

DGC Mainlysilver Mr. Chips of Salemcoon
CH Calabash Pumpkin Pie of Salemcoon
CH Artemea Vanna White of Mysti Isle; Black/white CH Artemea Ringo Kid of Carlacats; Brown classic tabby/white

SGC, RW Coonquest Indymaina Jones;

Brown classic tabby/white

DGC Charmalot Sir Galahad
GC Coonquest Barefoot Contessa

 CH Purrtigers Morganna of Artemea;


GC Terrificats Johnny Walker Black
CH Terrificats Covergirl of Purrtigers
Artemea Andromeda of Starmaiden; Brown classic tabby/white

SGC Islandcats Chief Eagle Dancer;

Brown classic tabby

SGC/GC MtKittery Carbonero of Emlu
CH Islandcats Sassy Sioux

 CH Carlacats Shari Selene of Artemea;

Silver classic tabby/white

GC, RW Groovycats Dynamite DJ of Carlacats
CH/PR Carlacats Cissy
R P Cathouse Red Dirt Road; Brown patch tabby/white CH R P Cathouse Jaxon; Brown classic tabby/white CH Coonpulsive Riogrande of Stacalone; Brown classic tabby/white

SGC, RW Coonpulsive Big Bend;

Brown classic tabby

GIC MtKittery Bemis, DM
Coonpulsive Desert Clouds

Coonpulsive Castine Bay;

Brown classic tabby/white

CH Amkat Reno of Coonpulsive
CH Luv-A-Coons Meadow Magpie

Stacalone Eleanor Rigby;

Brown classic tabby/white

CH XTC Dust-In-The-Wind of Stacalone;

Silver classic tabby

GC Robin-of-The-Hood of XTC
CH XTC Whispers-Of-The-Dragon

CH Stacalone Ebony & Ivory;


CH Coonpulsive The River of Stacalone
Stacalone Mistic Eyes
Grandeur Claudia of R P Cathouse; Brown patch tabby/white MGC-CNW Alwaro Abraxas of Grandeur; Brown classic tabby/white

WW EC Sebascos Daker Devito;

Red classic tabby

WW EC DSM Guldfakse Chief Two Moons, DM
Mountaineer Kitti Caballe

 EC K'Star Winner Alwaro;

Brown classic tabby/white

EC WW Dreamhunter G'Kar
EC Acadiapark Kerrygold
Grandeur Jagger; Silver patch tabby

CNW-GC Bonfires Saxxon of Grandeur;

Brown classic tabby

Oldestage Wild Bill of Bonfires
CH Bonfires Flash For Fantasy

Amkat Callisto of Grandeur;

Smoke tortie

GC Coonpulsive R2D2 of Amkat
Amkat Annabelle Lee